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Client Testimonials

The focus of our firm is to listen to our clients' needs and work creatively and collaboratively with our clients to meet those needs. Just for a sample, here are a few of our clients' perspectives of the experience:

April, 2010
TPF Software India Pvt. Ltd. / www.tpfsoftware.com

“We have worked with [Joslaw] G.D. Joseph during the past 5 years. As a legal counsel, he has been providing services in key areas concerning our business. He assisted us in drafting and finalizing of several contracts that had been entered into with some of our MNC clients for software development and licensing in a very niche area of high-end technology.

We have been very pleased with his level of confidence, his approach to problem solving and in assisting us in both contracts and business services. We would highly recommend him and his company to other potential clients.”

Thiru Thirupuvanam,
Director TPF Software Inc.
North Carolina , USA
TPF Software India Private Ltd.
Chennai-600 096


April, 2010
SPAC Power Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. / www.spacpower.com

“[Joslaw] G.D. Joseph has been our legal counsel for the past three years and we engaged him for advising us in matters relating to an acquisition of a company in Hyderabad , joint venture for a desalination project and a few other complex commercial deals including issues pertaining to day-to-day business affairs of our company. I especially valued his attention to detail and ability to draft the precise legal documents necessary to capture the exact terms of the transaction that we were working on at the time. It was always a great comfort to me to know I could rely on his legal and business judgment whether the transaction was an acquisition, a joint venture or some other complex commercial deal.

Joseph's excellent service and overall legal knowledge coupled with the business acumen have proved to be invaluable. The main reason he has been our first choice is due to his integrity – we know we can trust him to put our interests first. Joseph proved to me to be competent and diligent. Therefore I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a business lawyer.”

Praveen Miranda,
Managing Director
SPAC Power Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
Chennai-600 102


April, 2010
DMC Anderson Waste 2 Wealth Innovations Pvt. Ltd. / www.dawwil.in

“I am a former DRDO scientist, Ministry of Defense; technocrat and entrepreneur engaged since 1990 in technology development and commercialization endeavors pertaining to renewable energy, environment conservation and desalination projects based on my patented and patent pending processes. I am pleased to offer this written testimonial as to the ability of [Joslaw] G.D. Joseph, who has been our counsel for almost three years.

Mr. Joseph has provided efficient legal assistance for the development of our projects and joint ventures. He continues to be a strong source for my business development plan for reliable and sound legal advice, drafting and review of various contracts and common sense strategy. In addition, he has also provided us with excellent service in a very professional manner in trade mark and patent related matters. His advice is always very practical, reliable and mature. I can strongly recommend his services to anyone seeking reliable and trustworthy legal advice.”

D.M. Charles, President
DMC Anderson Waste 2 Wealth Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Chennai - 600 040


April, 2010
Siebenberg Technologies Pvt. Ltd. / www.siebenberg.in

“We engaged [Joslaw] G.D. Joseph for advice on strategies concerning our business. He also assisted us in contract drafting as well as review.

We have worked with him for the past one year and I would like to express my appreciation for his assistance during a few projects that we worked on together. I can recommend his services to any one, who is looking out for the right legal counsel”

Srinath Chennakesavan,
Director Siebenberg Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Chennai-600 042

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